Recap: Game Of Thrones – Season 5 Ep. 8

Folks have been pretty iffy about Thrones the last few weeks, but I’ve been very happy with the set up. Like every show, GoT has lay down “pipe,” or foundation for future plots, and typically they’ve done a great job hiding that with great action and important character moments. Tyrion’s journey from Westeros to Dany is interesting because Tyrion is such a great character, and the pay off is great. Little Finger’s motivations are frustratingly unclear because they always are. Cersei is digging herself into a grave, because she’s blinded by wine, power and love. Sansa is as helpless as ever, but her circumstance has been this way for quite sometime. Although Little finger made her feel comfortable she was always a pawn in his game. No matter how much he loves her, he has his own best interest at heart. There has been a lot of discussion about the rape scene and its effectiveness, which has led to interesting discussions on rape-culture and the use of rape in fiction. The world created by Martin and adapted her on screen is a cruel one, where politics are constantly in play and the value of human life is always in question. All of these moments are building towards something, and the build up is often frustrating. I may be in the minority as someone who appreciates the building of plot to come.

Hardhome is one of the best episodes of the series. It has one of the best action set pieces of any TV show and amazing bits of dialogue peppered through its hour run time. Let’s recap quickly:

Cersei is in jail still making threats and worrying about Tommen. She refuses to confess saying she will not bow to the “monster” she created. There doesn’t seem to be a good end for her here. It parallels Ned’s dreadful position by the end of season 1, where death seems to be her only end.

Arya has been giver her first mission from the Many-Faced-God and it was this segment of the episode that worked least for me. I’ve been ok with everything happening in The House Of Black & White so far, but here I was just over it. I would rather see Arya next season fully formed with her many faces.

Dany and Tyrion have finally met and I’m so happy with the result. I could’ve watched them sit down and talk all episode, but the little we got was fine for me. Tyrion is so clever he keeps himself and Jorah alive (although he has him banished again). He eventually charms his way into Dany’s quarters and they formally size one another up. Tyrion is trying to see if Dany has the potential Varis talked about at the beginning of the season, and Dany is trying to see if Tyrion is as smart as he says he is. They both prove their worth. Tyrion makes a great point that maybe she should stay in Meereen, but she says that she want to destroy the power structure that has existed for centuries in Westeros, and make the lives of commonfolk a bit easier there. I think Tyrion is the missing piece Dany has been waiting for and I just wonder how long it will be before they take their talents to Westeros.

Lastly, Jon Snow made his way North Of The Wall with Tormund to convince the Free Folk to travel south. Jon gives an excellent speech to rally the the Free Folk elders, but before the people can make their way to the ships, they are attacked by Walkers. The Battle Of Hardhome is an amazing spectacle full of impressive action, and terrifying moments. Jon has become a “hero” much like his father, but even his Longclaw couldn’t match the might of the Night King. The frozen dude at the end who, with the flick of his wrist, brought the dead back as Walkers.

Again, this was an amazing episode of TV and with two episodes left who knows where the finale will leave us.