Recap: Game Of Thrones – Season 5 Ep. 4

On the fourth episode of Game Of Thrones the east and west are slowly starting to converge. With the show moving quicker than the source material, the producers are taking liberties with these characters. The theme of the season might be the collision of different characters, themes and ideologies. The inherent defiance of Tyrion Lannister now stuck with the desperate servitude of Jorah. I still have no idea what he expects to gain from delivering The Imp to Danny. The politics of  King’s Landing’s elite and the religion of their impoverished have smashed into one another. In the middle is Cersei and The High Sparrow. The former queen is desperate to grab any power that she can gain as she loses influence over her young son. The High Sparrow looking to spread his form of “justice” over the city. The walls are closing in on the Lannister family as the IMF Iron Bank is attempting to get their money back. Jamie is on a ridiculous espionage mission with Bron to take his “niece” from Dorne. We get one of the better fight scenes of recent memory and The King Slayer is slowly regaining his confidences as a swordsmen. We are finally introduced to Oberyn’s daughters as they plan to seek vengeance for his death while also throwing a spear through some dudes head.

Stannis has a great moment with his daughter. In one of his rare moments of venerability, he showed us another side of himself. It was surprising and exciting to see. Up until this point Stannis has been one of the least interesting characters on the show. He’s still pretty dull, but I enjoyed seeing another side to this tactical mastermind. Jon Snow has gotten into his role as Lord Commander and refuses another request to ride to King’s Landing. This time its from Melisandre. She sees something in Jon, maybe its the heroic capability we’re all aware of. The great thing about GoT is it’ll kill a character before they’re able to become the hero we expect (read: Rob Stark).

The situation in Meereen is getting deadlier. The Sons Of The Harpy are killing more members of The Unsullied. They ambush Grey Worm and his men, but before they’re able to kill him Ser Barristan comes in swinging. The show ends with the two lying amongs several dead Harpy’s in critical condition. This was another great episode of Thrones and I love where the season has been going so far.