[REBLOG] Venus Sings At The Afro-Latino Festival: A Playlist & Summary (@3amBlack)

afrolatino blog collage 2
by Reza Corinne Clifton

NEW YORK, NY – Festival withdrawal.

I’m not sure it can be diagnosed, but I’m positive that’s what I’m suffering from. That’s because it’s been exactly 7 days and 16 hours since the launch of the third annual Afro-Latino Festival in NYC – which I, too, attended last weekend. Last month, I had included the festival as part of my ‪#‎venussings‬ and ‪#‎sonicwatermelons‬ 2015 Music Festival Guide, but it surpassed my expectations.

What was so good about it, you ask? In short: the people; the music; the attention to scholarship.

I’ve got videos, photos, and interviews from the Festival, coming soon, so you’ll see what I mean. For now, though, here are some videos/tunes from four of the musicians who attended the festival and brought great vibes: Les Nubians, who I’ve followed for nearly the same 20 years the band is celebrating this year; Danay Suarez who was one of the reasons I was inspired to attend LAMC last year; Los Hacheros, whose salsa melodies and rhythms had me dancing fearlessly at the festival’s Friday night Gala; and Cultura Profetica, whose reggae chops are so beloved that most in attendance during their Sunday night performance were singing along, word for word, song to song.

Tune in to Sonic Watermelons this Tuesday (and every Tuesday) from 7-8 PM to catch additional reports and stories from the Festival. Plus follow me,, and @3amblack on FB, Twitter and IG for additional reporting from me, Reza Rites/Venus Sings/DJ Reza Wreckage/The AmbitiousBlackFeminist.

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