[REBLOG] The Age Old Question: Can I Wear My Leggings As Pants?

This is something I just ran into from the ladies at TwentyTweets.. They should’ve also mentioned (idk if they did) that girls need to be wearing the right kind of panties with leggings! I shouldn’t know what color your panties are, nor should I see the lining of your panties. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE when girls wear leggings, BUT you gotta know how to wear it. Anyways here’s what Brittni had to say..

You know those questions that will probably never be answered with a solid yes or no response… But they’re so heavily debated that you just can’t help but wish there would be a concrete answer? Yeah, same. That’s how I feel about the constantly discussed, sometimes loved and sometimes hated, question of: Leggings as pants… A fashion do or a fashion don’t?

I’m not going to beat around the bush and say that I’ve never committed a fashion crime, but I will say that I at least try to keep up on the trends. I’m more of a “what looks good on me” kind of girl, who throws in the occasional trendy item to spice up a casual look. Leggings are those pieces that could literally go from gym to class to bar… So one may think they’re a fashion staple 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When I asked my Facebookand Twitter friends (guys and gals included) what they thought, the answers were mixed. Here are some of my faves:

@Lauren_724 says: “I’ve been wearing leggings as pants since ’05 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.“
@KateC_489 says: “Maybe if they are thicker and very dark (aka NOT even the tiniest bit see-thru) .. & paired with a looser top. #maybe“
@thedayo says: “Yes. As a guy who looks at asses, do I really need to go into further detail?“
John H. says: “Absolutely not, under any circumstances. Even if you look okay with them, you’re setting an awful example for the delusional people who do NOT look okay in them. Be a role model; wear pants.”
Joseph C. says: “Yay. I love leggings/yoga pants on a good looking female as much as if not more than the next guy. The fact is they look great.“
TwentyTweets Fashion Editor Jenna says: “Nay!” But did end up agreeing withErika (who said, “Black leggings… Yay!! When the shirt is long enough & especially to the gym!“) that sometimes they can be O.K. by saying, “Ok, Erika you got me there. If the shirt is at least mid-thigh length then it’s not so bad.“
Holly D. says: “Yay to black. Any other colors I feel look a little ridiculous, haha. Especially the ones that look like jeans…?“
So the consensus seems to be that men love women in leggings/spandex in general and the ladies say it depends on a bunch of factors. Clearly, I understand why the males can’t get enough (especially thanks to the quirky response from @thedayo), but I do agree that there should be some guidelines and proper leggings etiquette. This is what I’ve come up with (and bear with me, I’m not a pro, just a seasoned leggings wearer):

* DO find a pair that aren’t cheaply made so the fabric remains completely opaque. As cute as your little tush may be, the majority of us do not want to see it through your barely-there leg-attire.
* DO wear them to the gym. They bring mobility to a whole new level, so why wouldn’t you want to sport a pair when you’re rocking that aforementioned tush into shape?
* DON’T wear colored leggings unless of course it’s for a special event and/or holiday (a.k.a when no one is supposed to take you seriously, anyway). I especially detest the nude/tan colored kinds. Yes, you will look naked from the waist down and NO that is not a good look.
* DO pair the appropriately purchased leggings with a flowy top. You literally cannot go wrong with this look.
* DON’T think, “Oh, I’m too fat to wear a pair,” or “I don’t feel like they will look good on me.” False. Yes, some looks aren’t for everyone (super models included), so some legging looks may not be in your best interest. BUT leggings are so versatile that they can be placed under a skirt that may be too short for you, or even for warmth under a pair of jeans or sweats on a frigid day (think: tailgating a mid-December football game).
The opportunities are endless. But the question was still never really answered…. And I don’t think it ever will be. I’d love to continue the debate so hit us up on Facebook orTwitter and let’s keep the conversation going!

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