[ReBlog]: Bashing Your Child’s Father Makes You Look Bad

Y’all know I love reading blogs especially rude and honest blogs. Anyways, I’m not even going to add my two cents on this because I don’t want to offend anyone. The read below is a section taken from the Blog: Some Truths That Women Don’t Want To Hear.

Seriously, this is such a hard concept for a lot of women out here. Now, men know and understand there’s a LOT of grimey dudes out here. A LOT. One thing we also understand is that you can spot a grimey dude from a mile away. Unlike the media, talk shows, Oprah, and book clubs, men, whether we say it or not, DO hold women fully accountable for sleeping with dirtbags just as much as we hold dudes accountable for being dirtbags. We aren’t talking about guys who have jobs and were taking care of home and doing the right thing until pregnancy came up and bounced (even though sometimes you can see that coming too), but the ones that get knocked up by Lee-Roy aka “Black Rob” from around the way that was in BD classes and didn’t finish high school and never had a job. When you tell us that sob story about how he never amounted to anything and he’s in and out of jail and never worked, we blame YOU.

Why do we blame you? Because you can spot them n****s a mile away. They make it plainly obvious they aren’t doing ANYTHING with their lives. PLAINLY. On top of that, the longer you have known him, the worse you look. If you have known him for a year as a friend of a friend, you still look bad, but if you have known him for 10 years, you will be written off by any man with some sense. As soon as we hear that you slept with a dude, RAW, who didn’t finish high school, and never had a job, we pretty much mark you down in the “dumbass” column. The only reason why you are kept around at that point is for a really bad dry spell, if you are outrageously fine, or we heard that you got some crazy skills in the sex department.
Basically, you are going to have to wait until some of these good men get caught up with a grimey chick without the baggage so he’s on par with you.

Oh yeah, speaking of kids: the closer in age they are to each other, the less respect we have for you. So if the kids are 14 months apart by 2 different guys, you are a bad mother. Period. No way you are going to convince me otherwise. I think I speak for all men with some sense when I say that as well. When you are letting guys go up in you raw when you should be taking care of a newborn, you can’t be a good mother. Oh and before any women jump to the “what if one of your relatives was like that???” defense, one of my cousins has been on Maury. Twice. And I clown her constantly about it. CONSTANTLY. Being a relative or a friend doesn’t exonerate you from stupidity. You get called out for it. Men just don’t call women out often to their face because…

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