Years Ago Today: 9 Are Killed At Heavy D & Puff Daddy Charity Concert



Exactly 21 years ago today, 9 Hip Hop fans were killed at a Diddy (formerly known as “Puff Daddy”) and Heavy D concert. The tickets were being sold for $20 dollars and all proceeds were going towards AIDS charities. It was supposed to be a great concert with hip hop stars such as: Run-DMC, Ed Lover, Big Daddy Kane, and more were in attendance.

The problem, was that a good percent of the crowd was not able to actually get into the concert due to an overselling of tickets. At around 6:00pm, the approximate 3,000 urban individuals (you know what I really wanted to say there) became restless on 138th Street in NY, and began breaking glass doors, fighting, and eventually rushed into the building. What’s crazy is that this is all happening with at least 65 Police Officers, 35 College Campus Securtiy, and 20 Private Security Guards, but now that I think about it, they had no chance. During this stampede of 3,000 individuals, 8 people were trampled and pronounced dead at the scene, at least 29 were injured, and 1 person died later that night at the hospital.


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