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Presidential Hopefuls To Visit Rhode Island


If you weren’t already aware, Rhode Island will be hosting its presidential primaries on April 26th, prior to that a few presidential candidates are slated to visit the Ocean State  to garner support for their campaigns. Rhode Island has been given a total of 19 delegated for the Republican party and 33 for the Democratic party. According to WPRI, Donald Trump and his staff are looking to organize an event to bring him to Rhode Island. State legislator and honorary campaign chairman for the Donald Trump candidacy in Rhode Island has been in conversations with Trump and his staff to choose potential locations, no final decisions have been made yet. Ohio Governor and presidential candidate, John Kasich might also be coming to Rhode Island for an event, co-chairman for Kasich’s campaign in Rhode Island told WPRI he expects Governor Kasich to be in Rhode Island “sometime in April”.


Vermont Senator and Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders is scheduled to stop by the state in April. Sander’s senior adviser, Ted Devine, told WPRI.com Sander will visit the state sometime in the middle of April, although history tells us Clinton has always had an edge in Rhode Island the close results in the Massachusetts has shown that Sanders can rally up support in the State and win the majority of the delegates. Wether or not Clinton will be coming to the state is unknown, both candidates in the Democratic election are expected to increase campaign activity as April 26 draws closer.

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On a side note, if you are not registered to vote please do so, its your right and privilege as a citizen of the United States of America. For Rhode Island residents who are not registered,  please click here for instructions on how to do so, its quick, simple, and easy !

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