Presidential Debate 2012: Romney vs. Obama – 10/3/2012

My thoughts on this don’t really matter… But we have two very intelligent, capable gentlemen here. Romney is the experienced business man & Obama is the President that kept us out of “Great Depression… The Sequel”. As I was watching this debate I couldn’t help but say “Why does any of this matter”? America has a trillion dollar deficit! But why does that matter? This country was built on debt and its our expected labor upon birth that is put up for collateral. They had a long back an forth about how much the Federal Government should involve itself with education. Who cares? This culture that doesn’t value education, we only value the physical diploma and as long as our kids are being told Columbus discovered the Americas I won’t take any of it seriously. They talked about healthcare. My question is who cares? As long as it is cheaper for me to buy McDonald’s than fruits its just a big joke. We can’t have cigarette for sale at every corner store and talk about healthcare. At least that my thoughts on this show debate.

“High-income people are doing just fine in this economy. They’ll do fine whether you’re president or I am” – Mitt Romney

This explains the United States in a nut shell. No matter how the president is. No matter how black he is. We are still going to struggle. America will still rape Africa for its resources. That’s all.


-Kabir Lambo

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