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Poem: Inadequate

Sex in the rain, as it hits the window pane..
As i hold her little frame, she looks away with disdain, taking all my feelings for her in vain..
Cause now all i do is cause her pain, it ain’t the same..But she crossed that lane.
With our time together, love was all she wanted to gain, but speaking on that was so refrained.
Strictly enjoying each-others company, so sometimes she’d accompany-me.
This woman didn’t need a hour glass, she wanted me to  rewrite her past, cause she believed this was bound would last, but this bond was fast.
She didn’t know the difference and in an instance, I’m sitting here trying to maintain.. all I hear is complains.
Placing herself at some sort of reign. her emotions i’m trying to restrain, this is turning into something that i soon must leave remained.
She didn’t needed me to keep her sane, an obsession that no longer needs to remain.
Her hopes in what we could turn out to be, had no guarantee.
She’d entertain her thoughts with my actions, & my every reaction, to Her satisfaction.
It kept her holding on, like at night when she slept with my tee–even though I always took very long, she held it tight whenever I was gone.. .
When did all these unspoken words start flowing, just like this song…
Like the streams of tears on this woman’s face?
We never set a pace. Those pretty lips never made a sound, a fixation she found- This was all in her dreams… Made it much more than what it seemed.
But I guess actions speak louder than words.. I never told her I loved her but I guess I kind of showed her.
Taking time to make love to her, misinterpreted actions and assumptions… Her presumption. This woman took every caress, every kiss in pure bliss… When we made love birds is all she heard, flowing swiftly through her atmosphere- singing through her mind.. Like a lullaby. All while I never made her mine.  vacuous comments, she attempted to attain something so inane, feelings she should have spoken instead of trying to be abstain…
How was I supposed to know? Now My existence is all she wants to arraign.
I couldn’t have possibly caused all this, this woman is insane. I Put these thoughts down, let me hit this Mary Jane..
A innocent intention, she needed perfection.. Bringing her past into the future, she constantly strained to sustain those emotions… Now I’m trying to swim through the ocean… I must of missed something along the way, but maybe I’m just afraid. Destruction, all cause I fell into her seduction… My feelings are at notion, this should’ve all went in slow motion, I wasn’t ready for all of these emotions… Its my Lack of honesty, cause when I look into this woman’s eyes- honestly… I knew she was caught up, I just didn’t save her from it all.
I just can’t get enough.


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