Poem: Girl Meets Boy

Note: The Following Poem Was Not Written By A Member of The Sorry4TheBlog Team.



Girl meets boy, boy perfect #Pause.
She dreams to find the perfect man because she is so into celebrities, society and fairytales.
Girl meets boy and decides to give him a chance. They get to “talking” and become familiar.
They go on a couple of dates and her feelings for him starts to grow. He sends mixed signals like “good morning hope you have a wonderful day” and “just thinking of you” everyday.
To her he’s perfect to him she’s just another object.
Every love song has a meaning pertaining to him
every thug needs a lady
Every thug song has a meaning pertaining to her
fuck bitches get money
She decides to talk about her feelings and he listens not objecting. She acts on emotions and he acts in the moment just to get one moment.
He keeps reciprocating the feelings just so she’s something to do when there is nothing to do. Her feelings get stronger his ego gets bigger, her lust for love grows his distrust in love shows.
She stays with him cause she has invested her time, body and emotions into him so he’s all she knows. He stays with her cause to him and his boys “she’s one of his hoes
While he’s “running around and getting it” she’s holding him down and stays fit.
She thinks “ok ready to take the next step
He says “nah I’m not ready for commitment
Commitment is a very expensive act.” You bet it is.
She stays cause maybe he just ain’t ready or maybe he’ll change. He stays while “finding another lady” and plotting another stage.
Obviously she realizes she cant survive like this, holding him down and taking his shit. Time comes when she’s fed up of the lies and she leaves. Times comes when he’s ready for commitment and he pleads .
It’s over and done she makes her next move praying “lord let this be my best move” , Girl meets boy, Boy perfect Man…