Poem: Cheated Part I (By: @Mr_Hoova)

How do I tell the girl I’m in love with, that I’ve been sleeping with another woman that don’t mean shit to me. Honestly..

She might understand, yell at me, just a slap on the hand, or she might just throw a tantrum and bust the windows out my car, but will she take it that far ask Jazmine Sullivan.

A knock on the door, am I about to confess to the woman that I supposedly love that I had sex multiple times with a female that is irrelevant to my life? I open the door and guess who it is? The female I cheated on my girl with crying a river like I think I fell in love with you, I’m wide eyed..

You love me I ain’t got time for this. She starts kissing on my neck, thinking you need to stop but I don’t say a word, and she starts going lower and lower blank blank blank, I mean you know what we did.

Visions in the bathroom mirror of a person I hate, judgement from your reflection, feelings of guilt slight depression, I’ll never learn my lesson again.

Another knock on the door, who is it? … My girl and I’m still with my mistress.

She runs to the door and I try to grab her but she gets to it first and she opens up and we’re all staring at each other *click click*

My girl pulls out a gun and shes pointing it at me holding the trigga, with tears down her face like I knew you were cheating on me nigga…..


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