Pelo Malo


Recently the dope people behind Afropunk, a collective and diverse group redefining culture through music, art, film, comedy, fashion and more, brought this yet to be released film to their follower’s attention.

The film is about a Venezuelan boy who is obsessed with straightening his kinks and curls. The film enters the world of young Junior and his fantasy of becoming a singer. Although his fantasy occupies his mind, his physical reality of having a widowed mother of two who becomes unemployed sets to bring a unique perspective of the life of a young dreamer.

The film deals with identity crisis in various forms. The young boy struggles with is natural appearance, social status and the poverty surrounding him as well as becoming increasingly aware of his sexuality.

I am quite excited about this film as I am specifically interested in the identity crisis in specific Hispanic ethnicities as well as how the Hispanic culture shapes the way in which we view ourselves and how parents deal with certain taboo topics as well as how certain learned ideologies are passed down. Some may argue with me, but through my observation on various ethnic groups of African decent, there seems to be a common factor with the obsession of hair and detesting what is perceived as “Bad Hair” or the Spanish translation as the film is titled, “Pelo Malo” as well as the denial of their African roots.

It is set to have its stateside premiere on November 19th at NYC’s Film Forum theatre. Prior to its premier on the 19th, the film will is set to screen at the Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago on 17th and 18th August.

By the way, if you are looking for a good way to end your summer, Afropunk fest is the ideal event. I attended two years ago with a group of friends. We rented a comfortable and private condo/apartment in Brooklyn through, just a short walk from Commodore Park in BK, NY. The three day event was filled with musical performances from hip-hop/rap groups to alternative rock as well as various DJ sets and skate board competitions. Erykah Badu who performed “Love of My Life” with Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def from hip-hop duo Black Star) and Janelle Monae headlined that year’s APF.  And best of all, it was free !

Check out this year’s event: , expected musical guest and tons of dope activities to do ! and celebrity sightings. I met Pharrell Williams, sort of (We awkwardly stared at each other  from five feet away for about 10 minutes. My sheer embarrassment held me back from asking for a picture seeing  that my bracelet was stuck in the chain linked fence after my friend pushed me as a result of her excitement).

Anyway, Some artist expected to perform this year are SZA, The Internet, Valerie June, D’Angelo + more. Nothing like a weekend festival to get put you on to new and dope music.

P.S. If you decided to attend, bring a blanket, wear comfortable shoes, look your flyest and rock that ‘Fro as everyone will be showing out in true Brooklyn style.

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