Part 5 – Thirst: Friendly Vs. Stalker (By: @Keem0Therapy)

And This Here Wraps Up The Venus Vs. Mars Series, Shout Outs To Keem For This & Make Sure Y’all Are At Jovan’s On Sunday For The Crew Love Party.

Thirst: Friendly Vs. Stalker

Aight y’all, this thirst nonsense is getting way out of hand. I’ma keep it short and sweet. Not every n*gga that hits you up and or not every girl that smiles at you is trying to get at you & more importantly even if they are trying to get at you, so what! Last time I checked dudes were supposed to get at girls they thought were cute, nah? All these screenshots and sh*t have GOT to stop. You make look cool for the moment but in the long run nobody is benefiting from this sh*t especially all y’all souped ass b*****s and wack n*ggas that will never get hit up again because everybody knows you’re a corn and try to expose people. How about you learn how to take a compliment. On the flipside I know the late beautiful Aaliyah told y’all to try again, but you got to know when to stop. If you keep trying to get at her and she ain’t with it you got to keep it moving. Sending 8 page text messages crying about how all you want is a chance ain’t cool at all. Hey man not every girl is gonna like you, we all take L’s but have some dignity and know when to keep it moving. I mean there are 3 billion women in the world, why you tripping off one?

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