Part 2 – Trust: Insecurities Vs. Common Sense (By: @Keem0Therapy)

Here’s the second installment in the 5 part series; Venus vs Mars. This one is a little more one sided than the rest but bare with me, the rest will be more balanced.

Trust: Insecurities Vs. Common Sense

Alright here’s one that really irks me. I hate when girls be like “So what if I wanna go to the club every weekend and all I chill with is n*ggas, you should trust me.” With their fingers snapping and neck twitching and all that bullsh*t. And if a n*gga don’t always want his girl to be out, all of a sudden he’s insecure. It aint about not trusting the girl, it’s about not trusting all these n*ggas. Prevention is better than cure. What I mean by that is the best way to not f*** up is to not put yourself in a position to f*** up. Whether or not you trust her or not, if that’s your girl she shouldn’t be chilling with another n*gga alone at 2 in the morning. That’s when accidents happen AKA she slipped, fell and landed on a n*ggas d*ck. Don’t get me wrong if you wanna go out every weekend, sip and kick it with n*ggas all the time that’s cool, just not if you have a man. And don’t give me that “I only chill with n*ggas cuz girls is fishy” cuz what you just did there was dry snitch on yourself. There are 3 billion girls in the world; if you can’t find a few to kick it with the problem just might be you.

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