Part 1 – The Challenge: Good Guys Vs. Assholes (By: @Keem0Therapy)

This Is Usually Where I Would Introduce The Post But Your Man Keem Already Got That On Lock, So With That Said Make Sure Y’all Are At Crew Love This Sunday. Even I’m Going & I Don’t Even Club So You Know That Joint Is Gonna Be Crazy, But Anyways Enjoy The Read & I’m Out…

Good evening ladies and gentleman, the following is the first installment in a five part series regarding the 5 biggest misconceptions between men and women in my opinion. What gives me the right to speak on it you ask? I have 4 sisters, might as well put that “blessing” to some use. These are the arguments that I see or hear, whether through twitter, or in person way too much, but doesn’t really make sense to me. I may be right. I guess there’s a possibility I may be wrong. Regardless, sit back put all biases aside and enjoy.

1. Good Guys vs. Asshole

Okay we’re going to kick things off with the topics of good guys. I see girls tweet all the time that they want the good guys but there are none left. I see guys tweet all the time that girls like to be treated like sh*t. BOTH OF THESE STATEMENTS ARE EXTREMELY FALSE! I know, I know , so then you ask yourself why does the girl always stick around if she’s getting treated like sh*t? The answer is simple, the challenge. Things always feel better when you win something right? You’d rather win on a buzzer beater than by forfeit. The same theory applies when dealing with women. No woman wants a man that’s just gonna give her everything she wants off rip, that’s how all these sucker ass n****s get cheated on. So it’s less about the good man vs. bad man and more about being the man in general. Don’t put all your cards on the table and tell a chick you love her or she’s beautiful everyday, make her work for it and it’ll mean more.

That being said it’s also important to be yourself! If you gotta put on a front to bag something, then what’s the point? Stop focusing so much on what you think she’s gonna like and focus on bettering yourself and you have a better chance of her liking that.

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