Overthinking and How To Stop It

Have you ever been so lost in your thoughts that you actually create bigger problems than one you’re already dealing with? Have you ever worried so much that it affected your day to day life such as your appetite or energy? Whether it’s stress from school, getting fired from a job, or a bad break up, at one point or another we all go through it.  The mind is extremely powerful and at times we allow it to take over. Although it’s good to prepare yourself for the worst,  this can sometimes lead to over-worrying which can have a severe effect on your mental health.  Read below to find  three basic steps to help alleviate some of the stress you put on yourself by overthinking.


1. Be Productive

Often people say when you’re thinking too much you need to distract yourself.  I don’t agree with that term because distractions eventually fade and you will end up back at square one.  People often turn to short term solutions such as drinking etc., which only make the problem more long and drawn out.  Instead I suggest you  strive to be productive.  Hit the gym, continue a hobby, revamp your resume, prepare your favorite meal.  Aside from keeping your mind occupied, you also are doing things that will add value to your daily life which in turn will make you happier.


2.. Accept Responsibility

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is accept responsibility for our actions.  Our first instinct is usually to deflect or make excuses for the situations we find ourselves in.  The problem with this is it prevents us from truly moving on from a situation where we may be at fault.  It is extremely important to accept responsibility for actions so that we can then allow ourselves to move on and grow.


3.  Move Forward

This is the final and hardest step, but is also the most important.  Although you can be more productive than ever and accept responsibility, those two alone won’t completely solve the problem that is overthinking.  It is  huge to make a conscious effort to move forward with life from whatever situation it is that has your mind occupied.  It is impossible to change the past, all you can do is accept it for what it is and be the best version of yourself going forward.



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