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Overalls For The Win

Yes, its true. Overalls are back in full force.

Though the “bib overall” has long been associated with farmers or railroad workers, since the 1990s, different colors and patterns of overalls have been increasingly worn by youth of both sexes.

How to wear overalls fashionably may seem like a bit of an oxymoron to some people. Overalls can embrace a symbol of lost youth, maybe? while others believe that the look best be left to those still in kindergarten. Although I do get very grade school reminiscent when I try mine on, I cannot help but think “these are dope”. But, overalls are definitely for the bold and confident, not everyone can sport them and look good.

Designers must agree, because they are bringing them back too! but this season’s versions are not your typical playground denim beaters. In fact, many designers are proving that this look can be as chic as its sister, the popular jumpsuit.

My favorite way to wear the loose distressed denim overall is simple: an oversized crewneck sweater and kicks. Comfortability matters most, for me.

Next time you come across a pair when shopping, give them a chance to at least hit the fitting room, you might just love them.


Ways to style the overall and win:

1. Layer like a pro.

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2. Accessories, yes please.

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3. Dress it up, girl!

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4. Fellas, take the risk.

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