One Of The Blackest & Most Interesting Episodes Of TV… Thanks Aziz


Master of None is a fantastic show. Writer, director, and lead actor Aziz Ansari has created a quasi-Woody Allen, Louis C.K-esque reality ripe with social commentary, incredible humor, and charming characters. Season two of his critically acclaimed Netflix series is just as good as the first. In some ways, it is even more ambitious and creative. There are several standout episodes of the season, but the one worth highlighting is Thanksgiving.

Aziz is spending thanksgiving with one of his best friends, Denise. It starts with them as children and we’re introduced to her amazingly black family. Angela Bassett plays Denise’s mom, the strong matriarch with a love for tradition. Denise’s Aunt Joyce is one of the funniest one-episode characters I can remember, perfectly encapsulating black family commentary. We go through Denise’s self-discovery with Aziz as her right-hand-man. Watching Denise comeout to her mom is one of the best scenes of the entire season. It’s raw and so emotional. Angela does an incredible job and sealed this episode for me as an all-time great. Full of touching moments, growth, great laughs, and some social commentary, Thanksgiving feels like a short movie in all the best ways.

A beautiful episode that explores the black family dynamic, and sexuality. This is one of the best episodes I’ve seen in some time. I highly recommend you all check this out.


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