Nineteen Year-Old Kendrec McDade Killed By Police

19 Year-Old Kendrec McDade was shot seven times by Mathew Griffin and Jeremy Newlen, two Pasadena police officers, on March 24 of this year. The cops were called by Oliver Carrillo, who stated he was robbed at gun point. We now know that he was robbed, but that he only said there was a gun involved to get the cops to respond quicker. The officers pursued McDade, one on foot and one in a vehicle, and they thought Kendrec had a weapon on him. Allegedly, he reached at his waist when he was shot at initially by the cop in the car and then by the officer on foot who thought he was coming to the rescue of his partner. The autopsy shows that he was shot a total of seven time and was handcuffed afterwards, which is following police procedure.

Between January and the end of March about 27 black people have been murdered by police.  Its unfortunate that only Trayvon’s death got the attention of the mainstream. I think the media suppresses these killings so we can’t scream “racism” anymore. A lot of people want to move away from the race issue and worry about the war on poverty, but we have to understand that race is still a huge problem and the police are not killing us because we are poor, but because of our skin color. I hate lines like “I don’t see race” and “.. but race is a social construct”  because regardless if YOU don’t see race and regardless if race is a social construct, we are still being killing by the people sworn to protect Americans. As much as black people want to run from their African roots when police officers look at them all they see is the skin color. Understand that there has been and always will be a war on African people. I’ve seen a video when a gun was shot out of a white man’s hand by a sniper during a stand off, but when dealing with black people they shoot with no hesitation. Keep telling yourself race isn’t an issue, or that you don’t see race. Even if you only see yourself as a human being realize that the human beings with more melanin are being killed on a much larger scale than many of us realize.

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