New Poem By Queen G

I am honored to have shared the same air, the same homeroom (i think or just Bio class), and the same color skin as such an amazing person that is Queen G. A New York Native, Queen G grew up in Rhode Island. We went to school together. She was class president and a real scholar. She always exuded such confidence and never conformed to societal pressures. You know, not many students were woke in high school. Most were just trying to be popular and still figuring out our identities. This was far from Queen G. She was beyond woke. I remember her being natural before it was a thing. I would ask her these questions that should have got me her back hand, but in the most appropriate way she would tell me what it was. I did not realize just how revolutionary Queen G was until I found myself.

Queen G has always had an extensive vocabulary to pull from in her mental rolodex. I am honored to share a piece of her work! My reaction to the video shows Queen G in the light that I’ve always looked up to her for! Here is Queen G poem titled: New Poem!


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