Netflix Rec: Top Boy

I know a lot of people who take netflixing seriously. I’m a light netflixer, dabbling with tv shows in moderation. A television prude, if you will. So when I find something good, it’s kind of a big deal. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll probably (slash probably not) love this 2011 British show, Top Boy!

a. Top Boy is dark…nitty gritty. Think, author Richard Wright,  anime Cowboy Bebop or AMC drama Mad Men. It’s dark, but not sad. That’s always a plus.

b. It has a diverse cast with a strong presence of African American characters. I should’ve put that one first. #representation

c. There are just 4 episodes per season. I don’t like to give British people a lot of credit for things. You know, cause of colonialism and stuff. But, the concept of having shorter seasons/fewer episodes is supreme.

d. Accents!! A beautiful mix of what seems to be a little Jamaican patois and the king’s speech can really make what someone is saying captivating. Also, the UK urban slang is pretty catchy.

Top Boy is a skrong 8 out of 10. Here’s a trailer:


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