NBA Lockout Reportedly Over – Merry Christmas

The lockout is reportedly over, and games are supposed to start on Christmas Day! Some of the games are Miami Vs. Dallas | Boston Vs. New York. It will be 66 game season. I’m not going to go into details because I simply don’t know the details. Here are some of the tweets from NBA Players.

Derrick Williams (Minnesota) – @realdwill7 “Don’t pump fake me y’all!! Let’s get this goin!!!”

Kevin Durant (OKC) – @kdtrey5 “My expression now” Click Here | “Mannnn im bouta to get a ratchet tattoo on my ribs that say “survived the nba lockout in 2011″

Jordan Hamilton (Denver) – @J_Goin_Ham “Me and my girlfriend just hooked back up #Basketball”

Jamal Crawford (ATL) – @jcrossover “Is this true the lockout is reallllly over????????” | “This feels surreal.”

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