Nas Talks Ghost Writing On Big Boy’s Neighborhood (Video)

Because It’s Nas, I’m Gonna Give Him The Benefit Of The Doubt & Say That Jay Electronica & Stic Of Dead Prez Didn’t Ghostwrite Anything For Him (Even Though The Untitled Album Was Weak In My Opinion) But I Don’t Know, Man. Why Can’t This Guy Ever Catch A Break? Sidenote: This Interview Was Recorded Last Week, So No He Hasn’t Addressed The Ghostwriter Issue Yet.

You Know Who’s My Ghostwriters? My Friends, People I Meet On The Street, Things I Read, I Hear People Say Something And I Get Something From That, I Could Just Be Having A Conversation w/ People I Just Met That Evening. Somebody Will Say Something That Sparks Something In Me. So I Get It From Everybody.

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