Rebels Run

My Two Cents – Rebel’s Run (Review)

I’ve Been Meaning To Review This Project For Some Time Now But I’ve Been Fake Busy & What Not …………. But Hey, Better Late Than Never, Right? 2¢ Has Been Molding This Project For Awhile Now Trying To Perfect His Craft & If You Have Already Listened To Rebel’s Run You Can Clearly See That It Has Paid Off. For Those Who Haven’t Listened To It Yet You Should Really Get On It Because If You’re Reading This Then You Probably Have Enough Time On Your Hands. But Now For What Y’all Came Here For; The Rebel’s Run Review.

2¢ Starts Off His Mixtape Debut w/ My Favorite Song On The Entire Project, Rebel’s Run. The First Time I Played It I Had To Run The Track Back A Good Five To Six Times Before I Could Even Continue Further, That’s How Good It Was … At Least To Me. From The Beat, To His Flow, All The Way To The Content Of His Lyrics It Was A Great Way To Start Off A Project, Especially If You Want To Grasp The Attention Of A New Audience.

Another One Of My Favorite’s Was She’s A Killer Featuring LJC, It Also Seems To Be Every Other Female’s Favorite Record Off Of The Project & I Can’t Blame Them Either. Personally, If I Didn’t Know Any Better, I Would’ve Swore Usher Was On The Hook. P*ssy & Patron Is Definitely Up There Too. Last But Not Least I Can’t Forget About The Heist Featuring Hil Holla & Zumo Kollie. Easily The Smoothest Track On There, Not To Mention Hil Completely Went Off But We’re Not Gonna Talk About That Right Now.

However There Was A Few Tracks That I Could Do Without Such As Plan B. I’m Gonna Be Completely Honest Here, I Just Didn’t Care For The Record At All But That’s Just Me. Talkin’ Bout Me (Whisper) Was Also Another One, It Just Didn’t Appeal To Me, However I Do Feel Like It Could Grow On Me Over Time But As Of Now, I’m Not Feeling It Too Much. Other Than That There’s Not Much To Complain About. I Do Wish That Jane Nithrow Dropped A Verse On I Need The Bass But Beggars Can’t Be Choosers.

All-In-All I Think This Was A Very Solid Project Especially It Being 2¢’s Debut. You Can See The Time & Effort He Put Into It, When It Came To Picking Beats, Finding The Right Features, Etc. I Wish Some Local Artist Would Take The Time & Learn From What This Guy Has Done Instead Of Rushing To Put Out Low Quality Music But That’s A Different Discussion For Another Time. I’m Already Eager To Hear His Next Project w/ John Scino & The Hard Liquor Series. I’m Almost Positive He Won’t Disappoint.

Rating: 7/10

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Download: 2¢ – Rebel’s Run [Mixtape]

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