My Top Movies Of 2014 (By: @TheKabirReport)

IMG_08262014 was another great year for movies. We have a great balance of small, inventive indie movies and big budget tentpoles that keep the industry trudging along. Marvel continued to dominate with their two superhero outings, many indie directors made successful big budget debuts, and countless films came & went. I haven’t seen every movie this year, but out of those I have watched I know what I liked. I know I enjoyed X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and I know I was disappointed by Godzilla. The movies on this list were important to me, either in the moment, or in hindsight. Some of these gems are great sci-fi allegories, while others deal with alcoholism. Some are hilarious, while others and great dramas. All of them are good movies that you may not love, but should appreciate. These movies are in no particular order, except for my number one. Enjoy.

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