My Top 5: Reasons To Still Be Excited For A Jay Electronica Album

Jay Electronica has been rapping professionally for a long time now and although he is known for one or two songs, he has a pretty lengthy catalog. From Bitches & Drugs to Extra Extra the man has gems and it can’t be argued that he’s talented. Sadly, with all this talent he hasn’t been able to put out an album, an EP or a single since he dissed Diddy signed with ROC Nation. Excitement has peaked and people are losing interest. I’m still excited for his album, and here are five reason you still should be too.

5. Jay Electronica Pre-Act II (The Essentials)

Anyone interested in hearing all Jay Electronica has to offer here is where you start and finish. This is the definitive collection of everything Jay has rapped on up until Exhibit C. Gems like Bitches & Drugs, @FatBellyBella and Swagger Jackson’s Revenge are sprinkled throughout this lengthy tape. DOWNLOAD HERE

4. He dated a Rothschild

If you didn’t know, the Rothschild’s are one of the richest families in history. They had their hands in a bunch of shady business back in the day and if you still believe in those YouTube videos then they’re still involved in some evil doing. If you listen to Jay he’s always talking about fighting the devil, Illuminati and other evil forces under the sun. So how does he explain sleeping with one? Was he doing her for research, or was he acting as a double agent? Only his album will tell.

3. He’s been traveling

It’s common knowledge that traveling adds to your Rolodex of references and experiences. The new sights and sounds give Jay new things to share & rap about. I’m excited to hear about his adventures over Just Blaze beats.

2. This

If he’s out there in the world making music that sounds like this I’ll wait as long as I need to. I can’t wait to hear the finished product when it comes out of whatever hard drive its stuck in.

1. He made Exhibit A & C


I know it’s been years since he released these masterpieces’ and he hasn’t been able to replicate the magic. Who knows if he ever will. Regardless, Jay Electronica created two amazing songs that started his career and literally created a cult of followers who declared him the second coming. Hearing Exhibit C for the first time is an experience that literally woke me up. I never heard rap on that frequency before or since. I’m constantly trying to decide which one is better. Exhibit A has a beat that’s one part church choir and one part horror movie with a simple piano loop dropped in the middle. Exhibit C is as soulful as anything Just Blaze has ever produced. On both of these songs Jay raps like a man from the future with a vast understanding of the past. He references Judas, John McCain and Coretta Scott King on the same song. If that isn’t enough to peak your interest I don’t know what will.