My Top 4: Wale Songs (By: @SholaBoyTellEm)


In Light Of The Whole MMG Drama That Transpired Today, I Kind Of Figured People’s Initial Reactions Would “Who’s The Better Artist? Wale Or Meek Mill?” I’ve Never Been The Biggest Meek Fan Mainly Because He’s Super Repetitive And I Don’t Have It In Me To Hear Another Person Yelling At Me For 60 Plus Minutes, But Hey, To Each His Own. Plus I’m Sticking w/ My Nigerian Brethren, It Also Helps That Lyrically He’s One Of The Best In The Game Right Now IMO Even Though His Last Album Was Pretty Underwhelming, But That’s Besides The Fact.. After I Finally Took “Mack Wilds – Don’t Turn Me Down” Off Repeat, I Sat Down And Compiled A Quick List Of My 4 Favorite Wale Songs To Date. So Here It Goes:


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