My Top 10: Wale Songs (By @TheKabirReport)

Wale Folarin, the self proclaimed “Double M Genius” is a great rapper. In time he might even be as good as he thinks he is. For the mean time we can all sit back and see what he does next. I see a great verse on God Forgives, I Don’t in the near future. Maybe a mixtape that can outdo The Mixtape About Nothing? I doubt it, but it looks like he has finally gotten the attention of the white boys mainstream. From Paint A Picture to Ambition with a few thousand album sales inbetween this guy has put out some quality music. I consider myself a bit of an enthusiast so I think I’m allowed, but this is pretty tough though. Here is my list of Wale’s greatest songs.


From the gangster ass beat by DJ Toomp to some clever word play that Wale constantly delivers you have all the ingredients for a amazing Wale song. One negative is I HATE that little scruffy voice thing he’s been doing as of late, but his lyrics are too good on here for me to get angry.

9.The Breakup Song
More About Nothing

Nobody tells me its them not me, if its anybody, its me!” - Geroge Costanza
Easily one of his best Seinfeld samples. Maybe his best video (I’m bias I love (500) Days Of Summer) and one of his best songs. He speaks a lot of truths on here when dealing with relationships. We all know his opening line to this joint… “Breaking up is hard, to move along is even harder“. Oh so true.

100 Miles & Running

Not to be confused with “Workin'” off More About Nothing this might be Wale’s best lyrical performance. The guy gives a quick shout out to his favorite rapper Black Thought and proceeds to destroy a pretty sick beat. He shows how he’s “Sorta like Nasir, Something Carter, Something like Marshall“…..but why ain’t Black Thought brought up?

7.Rhyme N’ Reason
Back To The Feature

This beat is really light. Wale is front & center here describing himself using different rappers and then thinking aloud about the pressure on his back at the time & signing with Roc Nation. Near the end of the joint he says “Its hard to get shine when your cities so dark“. This line is probably how a bunch of the local RI artists feel.

6.Letter (feat. John Mayer)

In two verses Wale reads us fictional letters he wrote to the President & the late great Tupac Shakur. He gives his props to Obama, asks him if black people are expecting too much, and lastly he asks him to lay off the Newports. In the last verse he asks Tupac if he still has any problems with Biggie or Dre and if he’s happy with his legacy. And did I mention John Mayer is on the chorus? He has a pretty legit guitar solo at the end too.

5.Ice & Rain

Wale tells a pretty crazy story about a suburban girl, a drug dealer, their lovechild and a robbery that ends in tragedy. The first time I heard the “BANG!” at the end I actually started crying….. I’m joking.

4.The Kramer
The Mixtape About Nothing

“An P says that I should stop saying N***a, but if I did what would be the difference? I’d still be a n***a, he’d still be a n***a in his feelings, I’d still be a n***a with no deal tryna get one”-Wale….. I want to tell Ma this all the time.

Wale discusses race and the effects the word has on children reciting rapper lyrics. I think too much emphasis is put on the actual word and not the circumstances surrounding the word, or the people that the word represents, but what do I know?

Attention Deficit

The last track on Wale’s overlooked debut. This is an amazing song, from the beat to the lyrics to his spoken word at the end. This is Wale at his finest, musically.

2.The Vacation From Ourselves
The Mixtape About Nothing

The Mixtape About Nothing is full of amazing songs. People like to call So Far Gone Drake’s first album, well I say that this is worthy of that claim for Wale. A mixtape with a bunch of original beats and great concepts. I really had a tough time picking off that tape.

1.Nike Boots

A song that seems to be shallow, superficial and full of materialism, but has a much deeper undertone. He tried this again with Chain Music, but didn’t blend it as well as he did here. Plus no one is really getting “Geechi” on anything. This song put Wale on that map we’re all trying to get on. I remember hearing W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E on Wale’s Myspace and starting to dig his music, but THIS song is what turned me into a real fan.

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