Top 10: The-Dream Songs

Seeing as IV Play has been out for awhile and we’ve had enough time to digest, I thought this was only right to take a look at The Dream’s catalog and rank his best songs. I am a pretty big fan of his work, and I’ve enjoyed all four of his studio albums (Not counting 1977). I’ll be the first to admit that he has a funny voice, he isn’t the best singer, he can’t really dance, and he looks like Jazzy Pha’s cousins, but his stuff is catchy. Mr. Nash has an ear for beats, an appreciation for R&B, and he knows how to make a melody. Him and his partner in crime Christopher “Tricky” Stewart have written some of the biggest hits of recent memory. From Umbrella by Rihanna to Baby by Justin Beiber… the guy is talented. After minutes hours of deliberation and Brianna’s expert opinion, I give you my 10 Favorite songs by The Dream.

10. Rockin’ That Sh!t (Love Vs. Money)

For the lead single off of his second album, he decided to play it relatively safe. Nothing crazy or super creative… Just The Dream over a catchy beat, and a great hook, but it works well. The remix is great as well, but there’s nothing I can say.

9. Love King (Love King)

Another single, this one off of his third album of the same name. Apparently, The Dream has all types off girls all over the place… I’d have to a agree that there ain’t nothing like a smart bitch.

8. Sweat It Out (Love Vs. Money)


 Girl call Atisha, your beautician. A little hidden gem from Love Vs. Money. Sweat It Out slows it down for some luuv makin’ (In my deep late night r&b radio host voice).

7. Turnt Out (Love King)


Another slow joint here. Terius keeps the high note throughout most of the song and gives us a little sing-rap-thing at the end that works well enough for a song like this. I really like the end for some reason… that’s my nigga right there.

6. ROC (N/A)

Oddly, enough I only just found out there was a video to this song. Anyways, this is the failed attempt at a first single for IV Play, and I’m not sure why it didn’t do well… Obviously, I really enjoy this song, but I guess it could be a bit repetitive.

5. IV Play (IV Play)


I downloaded this album and I’ve been struggling to give it a good listen because I end up leaving this on repeat. It reminds me a lot of Falsetto which is not a bad thing at all.

4. Kelly’s 12 Play (Love Vs. Money)


An ode to the great Pide Piper’s classics. In an attempt to set the mood he goes through his collection for 12 Play, track 7 to be specific. To his credit, I’ve never heard anyone sing skip six times and have it flow with the song.

3. Sex Intelligent+ Remix (Love King)


Yeah, I’m going to treat this like one song, because he should have. Asking me to pick my favorite is like asking me to pick between Back To The Future Parts I & II …. It depends on the day I guess. Oh yeah, mark the date: 6-7-Twenty-Eleven he’s dropping Love Affair (Blank Stare).

2. Purple Kisses (LoveHate)


LoveHate is easily The Dream’s best album. The album has songs like Playin’ In Her Hair, She Needs My Love, Nikki, Shawty Is Da Shit, Luv Songs, and I Luv Your Girl that are great and worthy of being on the list. Purple Kisses is one of the two stand-out songs on that album. Many will argue that it’s even better than my number one pick, and I can’t call them crazy because both songs are that good… On to my number one…

1. Falsetto (LoveHate)

Yeah, this song right here is everything you want from The Dream. Great hook, lovely melody, catchy lyrics, and a ridiculous concept. His high note doesn’t get annoying for me one bit and the guitar solo sends it over the top. The Dream has been trying to do his best Prince impersonation for most of his career and I really enjoy it here.