My Top 10: Joe Budden Songs (By @SholaBoyTellEm)

“Why Am I Meeting So Many Backstabbers? Why When I’m About To Crash I Go Faster? Past Is A Disaster, When Your House Is See-Through, Learn To Close Your Eyes In Case The Glass Shatters. Just Saying, There’s Always A Million More Pages When My Stupid A** Keeps Thinking I’m On The Last Chapter.”

Joe Budden, In My Personal Opinion THE Most Underrated Rapper In The Game (Stares At Pusha T Fans). I’m Not Even Being Biased Right Now Either, The Way He Gets Overlooked & Disrespected Is Crazy To Me. I Mean Sure He Came Out With “Pump It Up” (Which Was A Good Song By The Way) But He Definitely Brings A Lot More Than That To The Table & It’s Sad That Most People Fail To Realize It & Probably Never Will. Whether We’re Talking About Story Telling, Deep Lyrics That You Can’t Help But Relate To, Relationship Bars (AKA Women Bashing), He Has It All. Unfortunately Time Isn’t On His Side, So His Glory Years Are Well Behind Him But I Still Think He Deserves Recognition For His Work. So These Are My Top 10 Joe Budden Songs & I Don’t Think Many Budden Fans Would Be Mad At This, I Don’t Even Think Budden Himself Would Be.


1. All Of Me (Feat. Emanny) (Mood Muzik III)

This Is My Personal Favorite & Arguably Joe Budden’s Best Song Ever. From The Soulful Production (Which Was Produced By The Klasix) All The Way To The Intimate Bars He Was Ranting About For 8 Minutes Flat. No Hook, No Nothing. Just All Of Him (Hence The Title). Budden Raps About His Strong Distaste For His Baby Mother At The Time, The Death Of A Friend, His Relationship With Tahiry, Problems With An Old Acquaintance, Etc. If This Isn’t Real Hip-Hop Then I Don’t Know What Is.


2. Pray For Me (Padded Room)

Unless You’re Jay-Z Or You Faithfully Worship The Devil, There’s Absolutely NO Way That You Can’t Like This Song. This Is Possibly One Of The Best Hip-Hop Stories Ever Told, Up There With “Rewind” By Nas Or “Stan” By Eminem. This Track Right Here Single-Handily Turned Me Into The Budden Fan I Am Today, That’s How Great It Is. Like, Imagine You Died Today & You’re Face To Face With God, And He Asks You “Why Should I Let You Into My Kingdom?” Minus All The Swearing, This Is Exactly What I’d Say.


3. Downfall (Mood Muzik 4.5)

One Of The First Few Budden Songs I Ever Heard. It’s A Good Thing I Was In The Mood For New Music Cause I Usually Don’t Give Random Artists A Chance Unless Some One I Know (Who’s Musical Opinion I Respect) Co-Signs It. All I Have To Say Is That Last Verse Though? I Never Even Been In A Relationship Before, But After Hearing This I Wanted To Be In One, Only For The Heartbreak Though, Just So I Could Relate To It Better, Haha. I’m Kidding…………..


4. Whatever It Takes (The Growth Of A Legend)

Probably One Of Budden’s Most Depressing Songs. This Is When Budden Is At His Best Though, Nothing But Raw Emotions. But If You’re At A Very Low Point In Life, I Wouldn’t Suggest This Song To You.


5. Dear Diary (Mood Muzik III)

I Don’t Care If You’re A Budden Fan Or Not, This Song Is Filled With So Many Quotables (I Don’t Care If That Isn’t A Word) You Probably Tweeted Or Put It Up As A Facebook Status Before & Never Even Knew Where It Came From.


6. 10 Minutes (Joe Budden)

Basically A 10 Minute Summary Of Joe Budden’s Life, I Still Wanna Know Who This Mystery Woman Is Though & Apparently He Misses His Father.


7. Dumb Out (Mood Muzik II)

Time-Out. Who Said Joey Can’t Spit? This Is Easily His Best Showcase Of Why Bar For Bar, Your Favorite Rapper Isn’t F***ing With Him.


8. Three Sides To A Story (Mood Muzik II)

Honestly, This Guy Could Be An Author With These Stories. I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If He Took That Route In The Near Future Since He’s Talking About Ending His Solo Career ….. Actually I Lied, Stick To Rap Joey.


9. Are You In That Mood Yet? (Mood Muzik II)

This Is Like His Official Slogan, So Without A Doubt You Know This Song Had To Be Nothing Less Than Pure Fire (From A Depressing Stand Point Though). 


10. Pray For Them (Mood Muzik IV)

“If There’s Two Things That I’ve Learned Is; I’m The Only Thing At Stake & When You The Only Thing Real, Really You’re The Only Thing Fake.” Easily One Of The Realest Lines I’ve Ever Heard. EVER.

Honorable Mention: Ordinary Love Sh*t III (The Closure)

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