‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Turns Five Today!

For everyone that’s been following me and or knows me personally knows that I am indeed an Avid Kanyenian and I’m sure the rest of my S4TB is one too! There is never a dull moment being a Kanye fan when it comes to his musical talent. Today, my favorite Kanye album of all time turns five today! I’d like to take this time to give you all a reminder of how amazing this project was to me.

I’d like to describe MBDTF as a messy masterpiece as he tells a story, and far more interesting than what he has given us before. This was an effort for Kanye to canonize this album as one of hip-hops all-time high points with its abrasive, but also exhilarating music that is never predictable. We can immediately tell that there is no doubt that Kanye is one of the greatest MC’s but confirms that he is an amazing producer as no other rap album can boast better production. He goes on to mix heartbreak, with materialistic, religious and the existential of current issues. By the end of this story he has flourished on Mt. Olympus, falling in love with a lie, being lost in his own world and articulates his gnarled narrative addressing all of his distractions relatable to real life. Kanye West set the tone with what was to follow with this one.

Take a trip down memory lane and stream the album below. Kanye is and will always be the man. Happy Birthday MBDTF!

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