Movie Industry Needs Better Perspectives on Black History

I recently saw one of those stupid clickbait stories on Snapchat that featured the 25 best movies to end the year. I clicked through the just to see what the big screen has in store. Among the movies were Sully starring Tom Hanks, Snowden starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and twenty-one other white movies, which comes as no surprise. The issue that I have is that the two ethnic movies that were thrown in there were Moana and Birth of a Nation.

What in the entire FUCK.

So Moana is a Disney animation about a Hawaiian girl that probably saves her community in some Lilo capacity without having Snitch. Sounds great! I will definitely take somebody’s kid to go see it and support.

Moving right along to the one Black film that is highlighted. Birth of a Nation is based on the story of Nat Turner. This movie is no different that every other slave narrative that we have seen in the past. I am almost certain that is will depict the brutal conditions, treatment and abuse of black people as they keep faith in White Jesus.

I am really sick of these types of movies because it just gives white people the opportunity to feel sorry for the shit that they, their ancestors, have done to Black people for countless years. It gives white people the chance to dwell in their sorrow and that is a scary place for white people to be. When white people have the opportunity to dwell in their sorrow it takes away from the issue at hand. It puts to focus on their sobbing rather than the conditions in which Black people have been subjected to.

Why is this the only Black movie that deserves to be added to the list? Do not get me wrong this story is important, but it is not the only black story that exists. I would rather that they did not mention any Black film than to mention just that one. It is just getting old. I refuse to go see another movie where I feel entirely uncomfortable with the amount of white people crying. Get it together there is nothing that we can change about history the only thing we should be able to do is move forward and for y’all to stop being such assholes. ‘

By the way that new movie with Morris Chestnut, When the Bough Breaks, looks hella good.






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