For my own sanity, I know this has to be done. These past few weeks I’ve encountered some things I will never forget. Let me start off by saying GOD is REAL! And he certainly moves in us. I once wrote about how people can sometimes test our abilities, well God has that affect on us too. We experience things we would never wish on our worst enemy, but because of His love, mercy, and grace we come up victorious against all obstacles. A few weeks ago I set off to Frostburg, Maryland for a religious youth retreat. It wasn’t my first and certainly won’t be my last. As special as I knew this retreat would be, nothing prepared me for the blessings and joy I witnessed that weekend. I’ve seen God move! Not only in myself but in those around me. I heard his words give light to new works and action. His presence was amplified; I want to say I was surprised but that would imply a limit to his abilities.

On the last day of the retreat, I received some devastating news about my aunt passing. Not only was she dear to my heart, but she blessed me with an amazing soul sister. hearing the news made me weak, I questioned why God would bring such a tragedy into our lives. Little did I know, He was getting ready to show me the powers of having Faith in his word.

As the funeral and burial services gradually approached, I watched as my sister gracefully mourn the death of her mother, as we all did. However, something was different about the way she mourned specifically. You see my sister had faith and because of that, her spirits remained high through it all. She was comforted by the idea that her mother was not only resting in the bosom of the Father, but she was proudly looking down at her family with Love and happiness.

I learned a great deal from both these experiences. Having faith and entrusting your life in Gods words is one of the greatest advantages we have as true believers. Although we are sometimes faced with situations that seem challenging to the surface, it’s never big enough to defeat us because we know God doesn’t put us through circumstances we can not handle & He has a way of speaking to us when we least expect it. It’s up to us to decide whether or not we want to listen. But know if ever such a time comes, God will surely guide you through it all. Amen


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