Microsoft Reveals The Xbox One

Today at Microsoft’s press event they showed off their third video game console named Xbox One. The system will be released later this year, and the price point has yet to be determined. The new system will have a Blu Ray drive, 8GB of RAM, 8 Core CPU, Built in Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB ports. Every console will come with a new irritation of the Kinect that is much more powerful than the one released in 2011. The event focused mostly on the “entertainment” aspect of the new Xbox. The new system will be able to connect with your cable box and using only your voice you will be able to switch from Call Of Duty to ESPN instantly for example. The User Interface will work seamlessly with the Kinect and you will be able to use your voice or hand gestures to do a number of things. Apparently, the Kinect will need to be connected for the console to work. The controller is just a slight variation of the 360’s which is not a bad thing. It is well known that the 360 controller is the best in gaming and that will continue this generation.

Microsoft has created a production studio to work on live action projects and their first assignment is a Halo TV series, and Steve Spielberg is surprisingly involved. Microsoft has also signed a deal with the NFL to bring exclusive content to Xbox users. EA came on stage and announced a new super cool partnership with Microsoft, but didn’t get into details. What they did talk about was FIFA 14, NBA Live, Madden NFL 25 and UFC. As much as they would want you to believe so the footage they showed was not gameplay. Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Alan Wake, is working on a new game called Quantum Break. One of the few games shown was Forza Motorsports 5, and it looks nice.

The other game that we got a first look at was Call Of Duty: Ghosts, the next generation game from Infinity Ward. The trailer didn’t excite me much. It seems like more of the same, and the graphics look like something on the 360.

Overall, this event wasn’t that interesting. The features showed are cool, but I was trying to see games. I was surprised to hear that Microsoft has 15 exclusive games in development for the Xbox One. I am a bit of a Sony fanboy at heart so I think that adds to my lack of enthusiasm. I think its safe to say that we will see many more games for the system at E3 which kicks off on June 10th.