Meet The Team (S4TB Bios)

 Meet The Team



Sam is the driving force behind S4TB. He brought the website to life when it was simply an idea discussed amongst peers. Sam produces videos, is a photographer, can probably do your taxes and walk your dog… all before lunch. He’s Haitian though so it makes sense.



Shola is the team’s Music Guru. An avid listener of J. Cole and Drake, Shola has developed a vigorous musical palette. Surprisingly, Shola is one of the coolest nerds in town. He’s poorly dressed, has a ton of sneakers and watches Naruto during his spare time. Shola is as talented he appears.



Kabir is the unsung hero of S4TB.  With a group full of dynamic personalities kabir is the glue to the team who always knows the perfect time to make a joke or buckle down and get to work. Kabir also exhibits a wide range of expertise from African American Studies to Star Wars to awkward sexual innuendos.



Keem is S4TB’s Steve Jobs. He brings a unique, random and crucial voice to our team. He’s grown the most through S4TB developing video, photography and editing skills to make our team greater. He enjoys harassing Shola and texting random thoughts to his group chats.



Annie is our other music expert. She has a broad and tailored appreciation for all music and artists… especially Kanye. Juicy bring an energy and passion to the team that reminds us all why we love what we do.



Janet is head of the entertainment section of S4TB.  Her passion for celebrity news is second to none, as she often beats most larger media outlets to posting current events.  Janet has a good balance of being objective while still managing to subtly get her opinion in … That is unless you speak badly about a Kardashian.


Joshua Corria

Josh, also know as The Professor, is the Wise Jedi Master of S4TB. An expert in all things sports and pop culture, Josh bring his fun and thoughtful perspective to Flanny & The Professor, our sports and lifestyle podcast. He’ll talk Dating Down or Rihanna whenever possible.



Gianelle is a social conscious Afro-Latino artist and writer raised in Providence and living in Atlanta. Gianelle created Art On The Ave, our art showcase that highlights local painters and creators. Her writing blogs are driven by her college educated ideology and hood tendencies.


Racquelle Bella

One of our Fashion aficionados, Racquelle shines light on the latest and best trends in the fashion world through our site and Instagram. Currently out in ATL, she is bringing her style and flair to the Atlanta scene.



BJ is our resident storyteller. With a love for comic books, movies and TV, BJ is truly one of the most unique and creative individuals on the team.  Sometimes you may have to remind him that he’s not actually in a comic book. If he’s not watching Arrow he’s out in the wilderness… in a Power Ranger costume.



Hamid is the coordinator for our S4TB events.  His love for thrill seeking and ability to think outside of the box make him perfect for this role.  Hamid is one to truly utilize all the space in his imagination.




Precious is master of all things hair for S4TB.  She brings her vast knowledge of natural hair care and blogs insightful posts  spanning from alternative protective treatments to personal anecdotes, while constantly engaging the cosmetic community through different challenges and recognition pieces.



Part-Time DJ/Part-Time Muscle. Like Hamid, Pete is also apart of the event section of S4TB. Whenever he’s not taking steroids , he’s our go to guy for coming up with dope event names like Drinking & Diving, The Instagrammies, etc. He’s a huge asset to our team, not to mention it’s nice not paying for security all the time.



Larry is a part-time student full time comedian.  He’s coined terms like #Hillaryous and #YoLarryChill and has an uncanny fascination with dog memes. Being  featured on several media outlets such as baller alert numerous times which cemented his status as a local celebrity.  I mean, I don’t think he’s that funny  but 10 thousand followers seem to think other wise.



Lesly is the other half of our fashion section. His expertise in fashion isn’t just shown in his awesome career, but it’s also demonstrated by leading our fashion shoots and his great fashion posts.



Luckson is one of the newest members of the team and he contributes to our News section. While the team can sometimes get consumed in pop culture, it’s great to have someone like Luckson to remind us keeping us updated on what really matters and what’s going on in our country.



Jean is our lead business analyst.  Along with coming up with business content for the blog, he also sits in on meetings to determine adequate marketing techniques and strategies.

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