@DeLuxBrand Presents: Luxury24K.Com


As a supporter of quality, hard work, talent, and art, I am proud to co-sign DeLux Brand’s new official Website: Luxury24K.Com! Read a little about DeLux Brand below.

DeLux Brand is a urban clothing line founded in Providence, Rhode Island. We believe that luxury is not limited to what society deems lavish. Luxury can be anything that one perceives it to be. The goals you set for yourself and achieve become the luxuries of your life, the people, places and things that you hold close to your heart are metaphorically equivalently to 24K gold. It is these luxuries in which we should not under appreciate. While most people strive for the materialistic aspect of luxury that society has set. Lets not forget to appreciate the luxuries that we inherited, the luxuries that are apart of our everyday life. Strive for the luxuries that will lead us to a better life. This is the message that we aim to spread through our clothing.

Strive For Luxury.

Click Here To Go To: Luxury24K.Com