Lost And… Still Lost (By @TheKabirReport)

One of the best shows of all-time?

So I finished Lost last night, at about 5 in the morning. I feel weird, I personally loved the ending. With a story spanning six seasons, 120 episodes and to many questions left to answer, some people are not going to be happy with the ending. And I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who plans on watching it. I really recommend you do. I really felt a connection to all these characters by the end of the show. From Jack’s stubbornness to John’s almost ridiculous faith in “The Island”. The best character is clearly Desomond even with the little screen time he’s given, but with episodes like “The Constant” you see that the writers spent a lot of time with him. I loved John Locke’s character played by Terry O’Quinn, his journey throughout the series is crazy and his ending is something I was sad to see . The thing I can appreciate about this show is how deep it got, it really made you think, and even when it threw any previous theory you had made out the window in the matter of one episode you still kept watching because after the first couple of episodes you’re hooked without even realizing it.

Some of the Cast

The Lost Supper (See what I did there?)

“What is the Black Smoke”? “Where is The Island”? “Who are The Other”? The show answers your questions at its own pace and with every answer you get a few more questions. I will say that the ending of Season Three is some of the best television I’ve ever watched in my life. The series as a whole is going on my unwritten list of favorites, right up there with Dragon Ball Z, Arrested Development & 7th Heaven. Among my friends the show has been compared to Prison Break, just because I made the claim that Lost was better to get them to watch. I stand by that claim and I feel like Prison Break gives you “cheap” thrills compared to Lost that is really much more than the literal. Plus Michael breaking out of fourteen prisons throughout the series 4 seasons in a bit much. Watch Lost if you get a chance. But I warn you , it MAY make you think…I know how much we all hate that.

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