Lost: 10 Years Later

This week marks the 10 year anniversary of Lost’s debut. Despite not watching it while it aired, or having any close friends who did, the mystery of “The Island” intrigued me from a distance. From the Smoke Monster to Polar Bears the show was as weird as it was interesting and it kept audiences hooked. When it first aired everyone was singing it’s praises. From the writing, to the setting and especially the ensemble cast. Lost was the most popular show on TV. Years later I noticed a shift in perception of the show. Initially people loved the mystery and slow trickle of answers the show provided. By season three people began to question whether the writers had answers. Many fans began to lose interest with the carrot at the end of the stick and ratings suffered because of it. Soon it was announced that the show would end after its sixth season to give writers a clear finish line and end goal. By the last episode, the show millions of people watched with intrigue, was something slightly different. Much more sci-fi than anyone anticipated and countless questions left unanswered forever. The finale was polarizing. Some people enjoyed watching the end of the adventure, while most were dissatisfied with the lack of closure. The impact of the show is unquestionable as it validated serialized dramas on network television, and showed audiences enjoyed continuity in their stories. It also gained a cult following unlike any show before it, as fans theorized, analyzed and argued about nuances within the mythology. 10 years after the show aired it seems fans put more thought into the lore than the writer did.

What most critics and fans say is the ending hurt the show’s legacy, and that may be true. By the last season the world had moved on. Despite this, fans who love the show have stuck by it and it still remain one of the best show of all-time.

I loved everything about it. From the characters, to the island, to the themes. I wonder if my feelings would be different if I had watched the show while it was airing. I had the benefit of watching the show in a relatively short period of time through Netflix. I was able to see the progression and arcs of these characters and the island with no breaks or interruptions. I was able to watch the incredible season 3 finale and jump right into the next. I remember being shocked when I saw the first flash-forward, and moved when I saw the final scene of the series. Despite the show losing steam at points. Despite how lost the writers probably were at times. And despite the vague and confusing ending Lost changed TV forever and I’m thankful I was able to lose myself within it.

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