The designers of the former label “DeLux Brand”, are back and are providing us with some more great quality clothing. This time around they’re pushing us to strive for Luxury Over Society’s Standards. Read Up Below! Be sure to check out their website as well. LossPVD.Com

Brand Identity: Loss Label was founded in Providence, RI in 2014. Loss is an acronym for “Luxury Over Society’s Standards”. By that we mean the luxury of things that are not measured by wealth or fame. Luxury is greater than what society dictates and is more of what individuals themselves strive for. We aim to give people a sense of what it is to be internally wealthy rather than this external materialistic sense of wealth that society reinforces. What we want to focus on are luxuries money can’t buy that are often taken for granted. Our goal is to enhance and enlighten the culture of our generation with a conscious message and the realization that everything that shines is not gold. The time must be taken to appreciate those priceless moments of life…. Strive for luxury over society’s standards.