Looks 4 You – Kendrick Lamar

Celebrities influence this world more than we think. In fashion the people designers have wearing their latest release can impact brand success. If a well-known celebrity starts wearing a new clothing item, many take notice and want to wear it as well. Unfortunately, one of their outfits cost about as much as I pay for college housing. Luckily  the “Looks 4 You” series will help! Here I will be talking about celebrity styles that catch my eye and give cheaper alternatives for readers.

The MTV Movie Awards this past Sunday included many famous actors, actresses, athletes, and musicians. While there were many outfits I admired, one stood out to me. Kendrick Lamar, while presenting the “True Story” award, wore a Greg Lauren Denim & Fleece Hoodie ($1,000).  The hoodie’s design in particular made it special. The denim-fleece combination is a unique concept that has not been seen by me before. The simplicity of the jeans and sneakers helped highlight the stylish hoodie.


The hoodie, by Greg Lauren, is a new idea that could be hitting department stores in the near future. But until then, to replicate this look, try out some overalls, which could be a trend for the Spring/Summer of 2016. I would wear the overalls with one button down, then pair it with a black hoodie and some Adidas classics or white vans.  Also, you can add one of your favorite necklaces or hats to make the look yours.


Asos.com – Denim Overalls in Bow Low Style ($67.99)


Pacsun.com – The Hundreds x Pepsi 1980 Bomb Pullover Hoodie ($45.99)


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