Little Big Hair (by @EM_lyy)

Little Big Hair

I cut my hair back in May 2015 after deciding to put poetic justice braids in my hair. FAIL. I had them in for about 4 days. As I took them out, my real hair was falling out as well. I was slowly becoming bald… The next day I found myself in the salon, cutting it all off.



Hahaa, throwback! Now, this wasn’t the first time I cut my hair this short before. But it was the first time I decided to go natural. I was literally obsessed with my hair. Fast forward to today, December 8, 2016, this is my hair now:





Trust when I say, it is way longer than it looks! Shrinkage is real ladiess!



I get asked questions almost every day now on my hair growth. It wasn’t until I found myself making how-to hair videos and sending it to my friends, that I realized why should I keep this to myself. So a year and 6 months later, these are some tips that I used and still use today that really helped grow and strengthen my hair. *Remember, this is what worked for me. Recommended for ladies who have done the big chop and who are transitioning.


  1. NO HEAT. I would say no heat for about 6-12 months after a big chop and ladies who are transitioning; I would just stop using heat period. The heat is what’s going to set you back 100%. Stay away from the heat, it’s your enemy!
  2. DEEP CONDITIONING. My favvv! We all know dry hair is going to break so keeping it hydrated and moisturized is key! But we also have to be careful with deep conditioning, too much protein is not good for your hair either. If your hair is having trouble retaining moisture also check out the L.O.C Method.
  3. MASSAGE YOUR SCALP. I love to use peppermint oil and put some drops on my fingertips after shampooing and just massage it in my scalp for about 3 That is going to help blood flow to the follicles, which will stimulate hair growth!
  4. TRIMSSSS. I absolutely hate going anywhere near scissors because I want the length, but I get a “dust” 2-3xs a year. A dust is just cutting the very ends of your hair getting rid of those split ends. For ladies who are transitioning, trims are ideal because you want to get rid of that dead hair, fast!
  5. SHAMPOOING. Shampoo your roots, only!!! It’ll all wash as you go. Do not wash your hair every day.
  6. LEAVE IN CONDITIONER. Use leave in conditioner in your hair routine! It is going to help lock in moisture, helping to control frizz and damage. Focus on the mid length and ends, putting it on your roots will just cause your curls to become heavy.
  7. BIOTIN! This is my best friend. I have been taking biotin pills faithfully since the big chop. Biotin doesn’t make your hair grow overnight, what it’s going to do is help strengthen your hair so it can grow eventually!
  8. TSHIRT. Using a t-shirt or a microfiber towel instead of a towel will show a huge difference in texture and frizz.
  9. PATIENCE. I know it feels like forever, but be patient with your hair. When anyone comes to me for tips, I always say you have to love your hair. Show it love mannn and it will show love back!
  10. WATER, WATER, WATER!!!!!

***EXTRA: I also absolutely love to us ALOE VERA JUICE. This is probably my favorite hair product ever and my biggest secret! Aloe Vera has soo many great benefits, one being hair growth!



For further details follow my snap: em_lyy

Stay pretty :)

Aloe Vera Juice and Biotin Links:



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