A Letter To Light Skinned Women (By: @TheKabirReport)

 Clearly I am generalizing in this post. If this doesn’t apply to you specifically you can disregard or take with it as you will

 Dear Light Skinned Women,

You all are the kyrptonite for my black brothers. That yellow skin, the curly hair, the (sometimes) European facial features, and the body of the darkest African woman… You all are like the “perfect” mash up. Cape Verdeans, Puerto Ricans, Light Skinned Africans, Dominicans, Red Bones, Yellow Bones…. And did I mention Cape Verdeans? Y’all are some of the most coveted prizes among the black community. The problem is this desire we have comes from an area of social and cultural construction (Uh-oh). From a young age many of you light skinned ladies have been praised by family and friends for your beauty (“beauty,” in this context, meaning lacking African facial features). This is reinforced all over the globe with the very real motto “white is right.” So it only makes sense for you to grow up with some sense of superiority over darker boys and girls. It makes even more sense for a dark skinned brothers to fall in love with you all because the media and the dominate European culture has told them that lighter skin symbolizes beauty. Ironically, the source of your superiority might also be a source of great inferiority. Many of you all grew up stuck between two worlds dominated by hue. On one hand you all are Holy Grails of the black community, and thus hated by some black women. Then on the other hand you all are still seen as black by mainstream culture, which comes with the same stereotypes and invisible baggage as the blackest African women. It must be understood that the Lightskinned Vs. Darkskinned rivalry may seem lighthearted, but comes from a real place (also acts as a divide and conquer tactic) of resentment by darker sisters who’ve been shunned by boys & men they desire. The resentment that some darker black women have towards you all is unwarranted, but understandable. A conversation is necessary to move forward as a community.

All you women are beautiful as black, as white, as red, or as yellow as you may be. Your self esteem shouldn’t be based off another group telling you your skin is Superior. Nor should you be ashamed of your light skin, you should embrace it but accept and understand why the world reacts to you the way it does.

Lastly, the attitude of light skinned women is constantly discussed and I think the rapper Huey said it best when he so eloquently rhymed “Yeah you cute, but don’t let that shit go to your head, cause what this shorty won’t do pimpin’ another one will.”


A Scorned Dark Brother