Jeff Hancock

Jeff Hancock – “The Future Of Lying” (Video)

Jeff Hancock speaks on lies. According to Hancock, lying is pervasive and we lie to protect ourselves, to gain something, and for many other reasons. After watching this, some of the questions and thoughts that I was left thinking about were:

  • When we tell our daily white lies such as: “OMW“, “I didn’t get your text“, or “I’m five minutes away“, at which point do these stop being white lies? Can’t these white lies begin to mold us into true compulsive liars?
  • Are we more prone to tell lies in person or through texting/chatting/email/etc?
  • If a white lie is harmless then why are we even lying?
  • Was there ever a human being that never told a lie? (definitely not)
  • Is there ever a good/valid situation or time to lie?
  • We’re all just a bunch of liars!

Those are just a few thoughts that I had after watching the video and it’s something you should think about… Liar.

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