Batman/Buperman #68 comic book cover art by D.C. Comics

Lex Luthor Has Been Cast In Batman Vs Superman

Batman Vs Superman has become the most anticipated movie of 2016 due to its recent deley, and becaues it brings together the two most iconic comicbook characters. It will be the sequel to Man Of Steel, a reboot for the Batman series, and most importantly, a launch pad for a Justice Leauge film. In short, this movie has to be incredible. In terms of casting we are off to an interesting start. The internet threw up when Ben Affleck was annouced as Batman late last year. Then the internet ate that throw up when Gal Gadot was annouced as Wonder Woman. After that rumors about who will play Lex Luthor began swirling around the internet. Actors like Bryan Cranston, Joaquin Pheniox and even Denzel Washingston have been mentioned in regards to the role. Now Warner Bros. has officially annouced that Jessie Eisenburg will play Superman’s nemesis. 

Jessie Eisenburg’s most noteable work has been The Social Network released in 2010. He has also been in Zombieland, Adventureland and Now You See Me. Reviewing his resume and being a fan of The Social Network, I’m interested to see his potrayal as Lex Luthor. I imagined someone who would be as cool and charming as Bruce Wayne, and a lunatic behind closed doors. It looks like they’re going for a nerdier Lex here, but I think Jessie is capable of playing someone on the edge of instanity who is able to put on a front for the public. I don’t hate the annoucment but I am a bit confused by the choice. Plus how does he look bald? No annoucment can deter my excitment for this movie at this point though.

We’ll have to wait until May 6th 2016 to see if its a good choice or not