A Love Letter & Message To Black People


I’ve wanted to write this letter for awhile. It’s tough to start when you feel like you have to say everything in one grand statement. I constantly have to remind myself that I have a blog and can write grand statements whenever I’m inspired to do so… This is a weird way to start…

If you’re black. Thank you.

Thank you for being strong, funny, loud, brave and bendable. Thank you for making gallons the sweetest lemonade out of one ugly lemon.

I feel like I always hear people talking about love. “Love is the only thing that can save us all!” or “love is what life is all about.” All of these things are true, but I interpret it my own way. Black people must learn to love each other so deeply and wholly that we are willing to shift paradigms to protect it. This is very flowery language, but the results will be very practical. When we find Black Love, our worldview will shift dramatically as we begin putting ourselves, our descendants and our community at the epicenter of every decision we make as individuals. This sounds impossible, but it becomes a part of a culture over time. Black Love will allow us to finally put things into perspective politically, economically and socially. Our blackness binds us, not to the detriment of anyone else, but for the greater Black Good. A culture rooted in the love of Blackness will produce Black Communities that love and raise Black Children, who will end black oppression. Creating a culture rooted in Black Love will show us that the only way to change our reality is to begin competing with the group(s) oppressing us. Supporting one another and knowing that your support will be reciprocated. This may sound like a fantasy but it’s possible. The reason why we survived during the darkest times in our history is because of Black Love.

We haven’t changed our condition because we’ve been taught not to love one another. Until we change that we will remain aimless. History will continue to repeat itself. Black people will keep marching, crying, dying, waving red & blue flags in solidarity, and hashtagging until we learn to love blackness and everything that embodies.

Love takes effort. Especially when you’ve been taught the opposite.


Kabir Olawale Lambo


I don’t think I have the answers, but I know it starts with us.

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