Let’s Take A Second To Appreciate Gucci Mane’s Teeth

Gucci Mane holds a special place in Hip-Hop. He churns out an incredible amount of content that fans appreciate. He created a unique persona for himself before prison. He was seen as a kingpin, he put other rappers on and stayed authentic (maybe too authentic). After prison, he came out more focused, he lost weight and he got a new set of amazing teeth. Gucci might have the best teeth I’ve seen on a rapper in my life. They’re splendid. I wanted to shout them out here.

Image result for gucci mane's new teeth

Image result for gucci mane 2016

Image result for gucci mane 2016

Like, these are beautiful.

Image result for gucci mane 2016

Who’s your dentist, sir?

Image result for gucci mane laughing gif


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