Keem’s Corner Volume 1: Foolish Pride (By: @Keem0therapy)


“Yeah, looking back on it, at least my pride is intact”. When Drake uttered this line on “The Motion”, I saw it tweeted repeatedly over my timeline. Although I am a Drake fan, I think this line is completely foolish. But I don’t blame Drake for this, I actually admire his genius in being able to tie in our social norms into his music. The bigger issue is this perception of pride and how it causes us to make some of the most irrational and unintelligent decisions.

Growing up we are taught that pride is of the utmost importance. I agree with this sentiment. Being proud of your background, your accomplishments and who you are in general are the foundation for self-confidence. However there is another kind of pride that is prevalent in our society, I call this foolish pride.

You like someone but don’t want to text first. Foolish Pride. You know you’re wrong but refuse to admit it. Foolish Pride. Someone asks you how you feel about something, but you refrain from giving them your honest opinion because of how you’ll look. Foolish Pride!

There is an underlying theme here. This isn’t the pride that correlates to a sense of value and ownership. This isn’t pride at all, it’s fear. Fear of the perceptions of others. Feeling how you feel about something isn’t something you can control. Lying to yourself and others about it doesn’t make you any stronger it actually makes you a coward. Learn to embrace all that is you, and whether right or wrong you’ll always be able to live with the fact that not only did you keep it real with everyone else, more importantly you kept it real with yourself. Hiding from the truth and running from situations that make you feel uncomfortable and calling it pride will be the downfall of us all.