Keem’s Corner Vol. II : We Are Not Good People (by @keem0therapy)


So I’m in the middle of the usual pointless groupchat conversation, and today’s topic is how Grand Theft Auto V is about to come out.  I never really have been much of a gamer so I wasn’t too interested in the conversation, that is until it was brought to my attention that this game cost 265 MILLION dollars to make.  I couldn’t believe it.  I mean I’m not exactly sure how much money it would cost to end world hunger but I’m sure 265 million dollars would be a good start.

That got me thinking.  I frequently hear people being referred to as good people, but what does this even mean?  As I look in my closet I see clothes I haven’t worn in years.  I’m sure many can relate, but it never occurs to go and donate these clothes to people less fortunate.  This sentiment can be expressed with many things such as the aforementioned clothes, sneakers, books, and hats just to name a few.  Think about that for a second. There are people in the world somewhere who’s day would be made with a simple pair of socks, however all too many of us have this mentality where if we are not directly affected then we are not affected at all.

We will spend countless amounts of money on food but won’t think to donate even 5 percent of our income to those who are less fortunate.  I always hear the argument “I can barely support myself”, but even if that outrageous sentiment actually were true, there is something way more valuable that we can donate than money; time.  For a party at tantric or jovans you’ll see 500+ people, and the crazy part is they are actually spending their own money to do this.  But if there was an event to actually do something to better our community I seriously doubt we would  see even a tenth of that.  We can all do a million things in a day but why is it when we  are not directly benefited, that is when all of a sudden we don’t have time?

A lot of us our the children of circumstance.  True, we did take advantage of some of the opportunities we were given, but it is entirely foolish to think we are who we are  today solely because of our actions.  People don’t choose to be born disabled. People don’t choose to be born blind.  People don’t choose to be born into third world countries with no hope of ever making it out.  A lot of our parents left their countries in search for a better life.  However if we were in the same predicament, would we have enough courage to do the same ? Yet we have the audacity to disrespect the people who sacrificed their lives to give us a good one.

There’s an old adage that says : The liar says ” At  least I’m not a thief” , The thief says” At least I’m not a murderer” , The murderer says ” At least I’m not a rapist”.

A valuable lesson can be learned here. Just because you’re not the worst doesn’t mean that you are good.  I’m far from perfect and am guilty of most the things mentioned in this post, and I didn’t write this to say we’re all terrible people because that is not what I believe.  I just think we can do a lot better.