Kai Davis “F*ck I Look Like”

I was never much of a poetry/spoken word guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good poem, but I was never one to look for them. I know very little about poetry other than the feelings they brew up in me when I hear them. My sister Joy introduced me to a group called The Striver’s Row and I really enjoyed them so I started looking for other poets. I came across this young woman, Kai Davis while roaming YouTube. She has several poems scattered across the internet, but this one is my favorite so far.

She touches on white student’s superiority complex through the use of big words and also how we’ve really made it cool to be dumb as black people. You have to give these black kids credit for mastering stupidity. These children, many of them are creative and geniuses by nature, act so dumb that many of these teachers really have no hope in them. You can’t expect much from a kid going to a rundown school in a class with thirty other students, a teacher who doesn’t care, an environment that invites hostility and a curriculum that perpetuates their insignificance in history. They only learn about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement when dealing with African people, and if they do learn about great leaders, like Martin or Malcolm, they also learn that they were murdered. Think about it; all you’ve learned about black people is slavery. They even undermine the fact that America’s wealth was built on the backs of our African ancestors. If this is what you learn you won’t love yourself, people, or culture. In fact, you will run away from it, like many of us have. The education system gives the illusion that black people have no history, and our existence revolves around them. If you’re learning about slavery or the Civil Rights Movement all the history you learn about black people is centered around or a reaction to Europeans. They don’t teach us that it was dark skinned African people that built the great pyramids. They don’t tell you that our African brother & sisters in Haiti fought off the mightiest European armies for their freedom in the early 1800s, or that democracy was born in Africa. They don’t tell you that many of the great Greek & Roman scholars got their education in Africa, or that it was black Moors that came into Spain and the lower parts of Europe in 711 AD to take them out of the dark ages. They show you starving and naked children in the Bush on TV, but they don’t tell us how these conditions came to be. Many of us don’t know that the history of African people is a story of migration, due to desertification that led to the Sahara desert and the constant attack from foreign groups. The continent has been unable to develop due to war, counter-productive governments & disease. All maintained by Europeans, who feel that in order to continue to control Africa they must keep it in chaos. I don’t want to make it seem like Africans are the victims of the world because we have shot ourselves in the foot constantly, but our under development now is a direct result of history, both good and bad. Right now black children are being forced to learn a curriculum created by their enemy with the ultimate goal of  destroying them mentally.

Love this poem, though.

- Kabir Lambo

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