JuicyByAnnie: The People vs A$AP Rocky (Video)

Everyone knows that I have some sort of platonic relationship with A$AP Rocky. Have to ask, why is this man so handsome? Anyway, I had my little dose of Rocky when he performed along side 21 Pilots to perform a mixture of dope medley’s that really kept my attention, and no, it wasn’t because of his looks.

My favorite part about the way an artist engages with their audience is when they’re themselves. I want to see them raw in the flesh being no one but themselves or what society and fame has molded them to be. As you’ve seen in the past, a lot of my favorite Rocky interviews are with Noisey. On this segment, they force Rocky to read comments on his psychedelic music video for ‘L$D’ from his latest album ‘At.Long.Last.A$AP’. His responses don’t get any realer than this. Check it out!

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